Staircase Make-Over

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    staircase before & after

    Like many other husbands, mine goes on a couple “guy trips” a year. A few years back, I started planning major home renovations while he was gone. He really isn’t amused by my hair-brained ideas, and I really enjoy doing the work myself – so it works out. During his trips, I actually take the kids to Nonnie’s, get sushi take-out, listen to my jams as loud as I want, work into the middle of the night, and get some stuff done! (I may actually look forward to the “guy trip” more than he does:)

    When we moved into this house, we had mint green carpet. (Yes, I know…).  I don’t even think he was out of the driveway with his buddies before I had the carpet and pad ripped out.

    I was lucky in that the treads to my staircase were real wood (newer houses typically have MDF treads, but can still be painted). I used a stain and polyerthane in one to finish each tread, trim painted the risers, and then had a bound carpet runner installed up the center.

    When he returned from his trip, everybody was happy:)


    ugly staircase


    stripped staircase bullnose detail staircase during staircase after

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