Queen Headboard Make-Over

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    queen size headboard

    First off, I’d like to wish everyone a happy Mother’s Day. I hope you had a fabulous day!

    Once upon a time, during the college days, I purchased a wicker headboard on clearance at Pier One imports. It has been with me everywhere since. Even though I was over the wicker, it still had nice lines. One of those “aha” moments struck me after I stumbled upon a shower curtain Target. Here is your tip: A 72″ x 72″ shower curtain is the perfect size to cover any queen size headboard. 


    I started by using my electric staple gun to tack quilt batting to the front side of the headboard. I recommend an electric or pneumatic gun. They are not that much more money, and save your hands from pain later.

    wrapped queen headboard wrapping a headboard in batting

    My pillow-top mattress and box springs make my bed extremely high. I installed some mirror hangers on the back of the headboard so I could hang the headboard on the wall the height I needed it.


    hanging a headboard

    Next, I centered the shower curtain on the headboard and began with staples on either side, then the top to keep it in place. I then pulled the corners taught, and worked my way around the edges.

    upholstered queen headboard corner
    upholstered queen headboard diy


    After I was done, I hung it on the wall. Ultimately, for the price of some batting and a shower curtain, I gave a whole new look to an old friend…

    upholstered queen headboard
    upholstered queen headboard make-over

    Upholstered Queen Headboard with a Shower curtain

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