Slip-covered Ottoman

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    slip-covered ottoman

    So I’m in the market for new curtains. I found these great curtains at Hobby Lobby. They are chevron, and come in many different colors (TIP: Their app always has a coupon for 40% if they’re not already on sale.) I purchased the dark gray. After hanging one up, I decided that it might be a little too much pattern for me to have it on all 4 windows, but still loved the idea of using it somewhere… I’ll use it to cover my old, ugly ottoman!! Here are easy instructions if you’d like to try it yourself:

    1. Put the curtain or material on your ottoman with the  “wrong-side” up.
    2. Adjust the hems so that they skim the floor. Mark, cut and hem the side(s) that need it.
    3. At each corner, pull outward, and mark the edge of the ottoman with a row of pins (not too tightly, about a 1/2″ out).
    4. Once you have all 4 corners marked, remove it from the ottoman and sew each corner as you’ve marked them.
    5. Clip strings and cut extra fabric to a 1/2″ seam allowance.
    6. Finally, press your seams open, turn right-side-out, and VIOLA!

    I had enough fabric left over that I also made a curtain for under my desk (using the backtab portion of the original curtain), and also a table runner. Not bad for a $10 investment!

    Send me pics of your ottoman projects, I’d love to see them. Meanwhile, I’ll be shopping for curtains:)
    Slip-covered ottoman

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