Batcave Closet

    • 07

    Batcave Feature

    My children have a playroom in our basement. This room had the typical closet under the stairs, that was functional, but we thought we’d make it a fun place for them to hang out, maybe read, or keep special treasures. My son had brought home a library book on bats, and we decided to make it a batcave in the jungle. When you open the door the cave has leaves hanging marking the opening of the cave, with a mural of leaves and plants that I painted in. Inside the cave there are 2 (not-so-scary) bats. The kids love it, and use it exactly how I’d hoped. I think even Harry Potter would have preferred it over his room under the stairs!

    batcavecloset       batcave4 batcave3

    batcave5 Batcave Detail batcave.type

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