Strange Ball of Wood turned Lamp

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    So… on one of my trips to our local Marshall’s store, I ran across two of these strange wire balls with driftwood attached. It’s almost as if they screamed to me “MAKE ME INTO A LIGHT FIXTURE!”. Of course I purchased them both, as I would feel badly if I only rescued one:)


    I ended up deciding to make two different fixtures. This one is the “lamp” verson. I went to Menard’s and bought a flush-mount light fixture for $4.99 and a 8ft lamp repair kit for $3.99. I rewired the fixture to become a plug-in “lamp” base, cut an opening in the bottom of the ball (using a drywall knife on the driftwood), and VioLa! I helped that strange wood ball fulfill it’s lifelong dream.


    I still have the other. Anyone interested in a hanging strange, wood ball chandelier?


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